My name's Natalie.

But you can call me anything you want if it makes me sound cooler than I actually am. I'm a wedding photographer based out of Western Massachusetts but willing to travel anywhere for weirdos who are in love. I pride myself on being able to make friends anywhere I go because I genuinely love people. I love people way more when they have dogs, but still always willing to give them a chance if they don't. I've been told that I'm gracefully vulgar. You know those swear word coloring books? The ones that have a bad word written in a beautiful font surrounded by gorgeous flowers. Yeah, I relate most to that. Lucky for me, I have really great filters built in that I can remove for my engagement shoots and re-install for a wedding. Grandmas love me. Grandpas feel comfortable teasing me. Everybody wins.

I have 10 years of professional photography experience. I knew from when I was a smaller version of my current self that photographing people would be my thing. I used to love stealing my mom's film camera and using up a whole roll on posing my friend on her swing set. So much joy came from wasting my moms film. Uh, I mean, creating art...

I went to college for photography and that's when I fell in love with film all over again. It was challenging and required skill and knowledge of the equipment. If only shooting film was practical I would've stuck with it, but shooting the entire process of a bride and groom shot-gunning beers and then high-fiving seemed so much easier to do digitally.

I have two rescue dogs that I photograph, squish, kiss, and mush on a daily basis without their permission. I'm a hardcore animal lover and always encourage my clients to bring their pets to my shoots. I once sent out a bunch of gifts for Christmas addressed to my friends' pets, signed from each of my dogs... I think those might've been the only gifts I sent out that year. I know what you're probably wondering. The answer is yes, I am one of those people who puts sweaters on their dogs. They're all over 50lbs and I get sick enjoyment out of watching big dogs wear cute sweaters. I'd save every dog if I could and I have big dreams of opening up my own animal rescue some day.

I'm also a big star gazer. Not the "my life is run by horoscopes" kind, but more of "the universe that we live in is the most incredible thing that I've never been able to comprehend" kind. I regularly get frustrated by staring up at the sky and not being able to find answers to any of the millions of questions I have, but also feel lucky that I'm here and alive and able to have these frustrations in the first place. I know it's cliche, but I do believe everything happens for a reason. I do believe we create connections and relationships for a cause, that we live the life we are supposed to be living, and that eventually we are going to be thrown back in to the crazy universe that we came from.

I love my life. I love that I was born differently, both physically and mentally. I don't take life too seriously because it's meant to be enjoyed and I find myself losing that joy when I get too caught up in the mundane and negative aspects. I know its hard for so many others to have that mindset which is why I try so hard to shine my funny and weird personality on everyone I meet.


I was born with one arm and I am commonly told that people feel sorry for me. I'd never want anyone to feel that way because I truly do not lack any joy or any ability in this life because of it. If anything, the fact that I have this difference from everyone else has brought me so many amazing opportunities and friendships. Also I get to make a lot of really funny one-arm jokes that make people feel awkward and that's a kind of sick satisfaction everyone deserves to feel once in their life. I don't think I would even be the same person if I was born "normal". It also helps me have a completely open mind of the very diverse world we live in. As a child I knew it didn't make me feel good when someone made me feel different, so I knew I never wanted to make anyone feel that way themselves. Like I said, I genuinely love people. All of them. Unless they hate animals then I don't think they're actually even a person and I don't want that kind of negativity in or around my life. Ain't nobody got time fo dat.

When it comes to weddings I do take my job very seriously. Seriously as in I am determined to give you the most amazing experience from start to finish. From helping you decide on colors, to telling you lick the inside of your partner's ear for a good photo, to bringing you a drink while you're too busy shakin' your booty on the dance floor, to delivering you an outstanding photo gallery that you will love. If you're diggin it, and you're my kind of weird, let's make some photo magic together.