It's important when you're looking for a wedding photographer that not only do you love their style and their work, but also their personality. Mine is strong. It's bold. It's big. It's loud. But it's also THE MOST FUN. Your wedding is supposed to be the most fun and beautiful day of your life and I'm here to help make that happen. If you're looking for a photographer to sit back and take pretty pictures of your day, that's not me. I'm the one making your entire family laugh, or the one starting a dance competition between cousins, and the one who eggs you on to take that whiskey shot with your dad.


I'll be capturing all of the moments of your day and focusing on the ones you'll never want to forget. The genuine moments that you experience during your wedding are how I'm going to tell the amazing story through pictures. Looking back on your album you'll laugh again, cry again, and be swooning all over.

So, when you look back on your photos, I want you to feel something every single time. I want the excitement from your wedding to flood back in and for all the butterflies come back to visit for the time being. This is my priority, always.

Some other important things you should know  if you're considering me as your wedding photographer:

1) The couples' portraits are very important to me. These are the photos of just the two of you on the day that you become one. I like taking as much time as possible for these. I like giving you unique and artistic couples' portraits while also giving you the ones that your family wants to display in their homes.

2) If you have a creepy uncle who is hitting on me I will threaten to edit all of the photos that he is in and replace his eyebrows with mustaches. Every. Single. Photo.

3) I will hand feed you desserts while you dance so you don't miss any good songs to shake your booty to.

4) I love first looks. I love that private moment that only I get to witness between you two. It's so special and so raw and I'm a firm believer that this moment means more when it's shared away from the eyes of others.

5) I'm known to get a ball rolling with your family sharing embarrassing stories about each other. Beware! (But this makes for the best photos, I promise.)